About us: The people of goda

people of goda

Many of the works featured here are posted by myself,  inspired by an aesthetic of virtue drawn from the many esoteric works  experienced or researched in pursuit of gnosis; others are the works of my brothers and sisters of arte, also borne from within the egregoric virtue we share. As seekers of wisdom, truth and the light that emanates from all things born of the great void we savour a love of life celebrated within the Clan Hearth  – The People of Goda, of the Clan of Tubal Cain


Thank You and Welcome to this small strand within the Web of Wyrd, our tribute to the all consuming Muse – The Pale Leucothea  whose gifts have generated myriad visionary worlds of gifted poets and artists whose devotions continue Her ‘Work.’

3 Responses to “About us: The people of goda”

  1. Greetings! Love your blog! Can you tell me where you found the Sumerian picture of a woman with serpents and a bull? I see you associate it with Enlil on March 20th. I have a powerful connection with him and bought a bracelet in Turkey over a decade ago with this carving on it that I was unaware had anything to do with him and have been hunting for the origin of the image ever since ever since. warmest regards, geo

    • greetings Geo, fellow beloved of the Muse 🙂 many thanks for your lovely comments, to which I must confess that I agree with you;the figure is most certainly Inanna, as Mistress/Lady of the Beasts…it is indicated by the rosette star to her left.The text is not well aligned, so apologies for the confusion there. Still the ‘connection’ between this figure, Enlil, and your bracelet remains, centered as they are within the Sphere of the God makers and guardians of mankind. ;>

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