‘Therefore should you also know that the perfect Imagination coming from the Astral, issues from the Soul, wherein all Astra lie occult, and the Soul, Faith and Imagination, are three things to count, for the names are different, but they have equal force and strength, for one comes from the other, and I cannot compare it otherwise than with the Divine Trinity. For through the Soul we come to God, through Faith to Christ and through the Imagination to the Divine Spirit. Therefore also is to these three, even as to the Divine Trinity, nothing impossible.’





Why should the Future not be known to us as the Past?

The Soul knows all things, the Soul being the Eternal Mind.

The self-inflicted eclipse of the Soul will not last for ever.

Sin is the result of Ignorance and Ignorance the cause of sin.

Where true knowledge flourishes sin dies

and man becomes a regenerate being.

Let us therefore endeavour to understand the ever – presence

of the Creator in the World and in Nature.

Wherever we rightly search Nature’s phenomena

we can infer from Manifestation to Cause,

from Cause to Thought,

from Thought to Law,

from Law to Love.

Nature, when rightly understood,

will be seen to act upon the principles of Thought that we can follow,

of Love that we can love and that loves us.

                                         By Nature we mean the creative Life in Nature.

Man should not be subject to Fate, as he now is,

but should be a Divine being guarded by Providence,

the Divine Mind.

If we could only realise that we are immortal beings,

how differently we should live!


Prophecies of Paracelsus


~ by meanderingsofthemuse on July 23, 2012.

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