Mother’s day – a hallowing, a reckoning


when falling, fall swiftly…..


fall swiftly and do pause not to consider the beauty of the heavens, lathing about you as celestial kalas dazzle all senses…..


in all things fall the hardest, the fastest, burn brightest, witness

Her dazzling beauty, in all shining colours, aglow upon the star: His are immediate, of the green and rotting earth, and of blackened deed..


when dancing, dance with the devil, follow the rhythm of the soul, take flight as the body aches for sweet scented straw, slumber upon silken pillows of dream….

 7._Luna_Księżyc_-_władczyni_Rakathere to dream the dark, dream the beauty of the aeons; seek visions of light and shadow, morphing all creation.. Fate draws all star-crossed lovers to the qutub of ablution, all is deemed fit, perfect feathers – the better for flying!



when hungry, feast upon the bounty of the gods, for humanity will keep you a starving waif, in all things strive….choose love, not hate… pit your wits against the enemy within..


how the body doth yearn for the joy and fulfilment of touch, for love’s sweet caress, and yet, many forget whose love sustains, whence all others fail?


who secures this, resounds in voice and deed – She for whom the desert enflames, for whom doth seas boil and mountains freeze into glacial shards, diametric prisms of light, refracted creation, falling upon the created…


when the Great Ma taketh me, be sure to take my heart, take my body – wrestle with it not, my soul is thine from the beginning – more I cannot give, less I may not….


who then are my brothers? who are my sisters, who are my gods – children spake the dream of man to itself of things to come, yet to be, …. from this moment hence, what wael and woe is woven thereof, what future do we gift?


in the cave of broken bones the wolf hustled the bear.. what of mankind, sayeth he to the bear, his time is up, he is no more. Not so responded the bear, all things are useful, are they not, our Mother did not tease all that breaths from Her loins for naught… there is a light, and purpose true in this especial breed ….. the wolf looked puzzled, and thoughtfully nodded..


in their dawn, they sought to master the moment – forgetting that infinity determines not their span of years; herein, upon the manifest plane, how do they play now their allotted time?

they err, they fuck, they eat, they sleep they war – repeat!

 william_bouguereau_-_el_primer_duelowhence She calls your number for the final dance, fear it not – blessed Mother, only the gift of life is precious, it is given to the best of men, that when they fall, they fall swiftly……



1  William Adolphe Bouguereau – Pieta
2 Hans Sebald Beham –  Venus, from The Seven Planets with the Signs of the Zodiac, 1539
3 Hans Sebald Beham –  Luna, from The Seven Planets with the Signs of the Zodiac, 1539
4 William Adolphe Bouguereau  – Charity
5  William Adolphe Bouguereau  – The First Mourning

~ by meanderingsofthemuse on March 15, 2015.

4 Responses to “Mother’s day – a hallowing, a reckoning”

  1. Beautiful , the wolf and bear musing on mankind ……. 🙂 Thanks for sharing …….

  2. I loved everything about this post – after my own heart….

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