Primal and Hermetic Pan

Athanasius Kircher, ‘Iovis sive Panos hieroglyphica raepresentatio.’ (1652-1654.)

The Following is my own interpretation of the imagery abound in this Illustration, and how it relates to the Latin expressions. (NB: not a translation of the Latin)

A = The Face: of the material world. (Facies rubicunda, caloris vis in Mundo.)

B = The (Goat) Horns: representing power beneath the Moon. (Radiorum cœlestiu in sublunaria virtus.)

C = The Shaggy Beard: depicting the wildness of male nature. (Elementa masculina.)

D = The Curved Staff Handle: depicting how wisdom molds what it touches, bending form into submission. (Potestas in annuomnesq reuolutiones.)

E = The Shaft of the Lituus* Staff:  the pillar of personal virtue (power) being a symbol of office and calling (Virtute eius omnia fulciunrur.)

F = The Spotted Animal skin, draped over his shoulder, representing the stary canopy above the moon. (Dominium in firmamentu, feu fixarum Stellarum Sphæram.)

G = The Shaggy (Hips) Haunches: The valley’s peaks, vales and hills of the forested landscapes of Pan. (Terra (elementum fæm.) hispida plantis, satis, arboribusque.)

H = The Genitals: the vitality and vigour of life. (Aquæ & liquorisfons (elem.fæm.) rigatione fæcundans terram.)

I = The Lower Legs: The flowing rivers and streams that carry life and fertility to flora and fauna. (Agri, segetes, aliaq; vegetabilia.)

K = The Syrinx of 7 Reeds: becomes the planetary spheres of ethereal harmony. (Harmonia 7 Planetarum)

L = The Knee Joints of the Goat Legs: The Nodes that support the pillars of the Material Universe. (Aspera & inæqualia montes indicant.)

M = The Hooves: The beating thunder of our animal nature within and upon the earth. (Vis fæcundatiua)

N = The Square Pedestal Mount: That upon which the figure stands, lauded in elevation. (Stabile fundamentum.)

O = The Feathered Wings: The Transcendent nature of the Spirit. (Vis ventorum, & celeritas in agendo.)


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